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 Robert Ray (1924-2002)  

By the time Robert Ray decided to leave his native Denver and move to Taos, in 1954, he had served in the navy in the South Pacific during World War II, earned art degrees in California and Mexico, and lived in Europe for a year.  His decision to move came after being invited by Eulalia Emetaz to exhibit at La Baleria Escondida, which at the time was the place to exhibit as a modern artist.  In Taos, Earl Stroh introduced him to Helene Wurlitzer, who, to encourage him to remain, provided him with a studio-residence.  He thus became one of the first beneficiaries of Mrs. Wurlitzer's generosity.  When she commissioned several Taos artists to paint portraits of her for family members, she included Ray.  He showed his work in regional and national exhibitions and sold some, but during the quiet winters of the 1950's when Taos nearly shut down economically, he was force to return to Denver for a few months of employment. 

The most frequent subjects of his early Taos oil paintings and woodcut prints were still lifes and semi-abstract landscapes.  He was fascinated by the light of the Taos Valley, not just the light itself, but the way in which the quality of light defines the place.

In his work, intense concentrations of light contrast abruptly with darkness and fragmented forms, was his signature style.  He worked closely with the then Harwood Foundation and upon his death in 2002 left his home in Taos, to what now is The Harwood Museum of Art.

Selected works currently in our inventory :

Images are not to scale.

"Dust Devil", oil on masonite - 1957
  8" H x 18" W

"Taos Sun Spider", oil on linen - 1977
  44" H x 50" W - SOLD

"The Day After Solstice", oil on linen mounted on masonite - 1977
  24.75" H x 25" W

"Reflections Lake Powell #3", oil on masonite - 1976
  9" H x 9" W - SOLD

"Reflections Lake Powell #22", oil on masonite - 1976
  9" H x 9" W

"Light and Dark Light", bocour magan on masonite - 1968
  21" H x 7" W

"Rome's Colosseum III", watercolor on paper - 1991
  22.25" H x 22.25" W